Security Engineer at Tsunami XR

Our team is looking for highly intelligent software and systems professionals to join us and help continue to raise the security bar for our Cloud CMS platform. You should be passionate about solving security hurdles in innovative ways. You will enable the most secure content delivery platform possible.

  • Functionally decompose complex problems into simple, straightforward solutions
  • Fully and completely understand system inter-dependencies and limitations
  • Possess expert knowledge in performance, scalability, enterprise system architecture, and engineering best practices
  • Leverage knowledge of internal and industry prior art in design decisions
  • Exert technical advice to multiple teams, increasing their productivity and effectiveness by sharing your deep knowledge and experience
  • Build fault tolerant systems that perform very large-scale data processing and mine insights from data by applying machine learning techniques

Skills & Experience:

  • Strong technical credentials, with at least 5+ years of technical engineering leadership, including proven software deliverables
  • Deep knowledge of distributed systems
  • Proficiency in at least one modern programming language such as C, C++, C# or Java, and detailed knowledge of object-oriented design and programming
  • Solid coding practices including design, unit testing, and peer code-reviews
  • In-depth knowledge of Linux/Unix tools and architecture
  • Strong knowledge of Web, security, and networking protocols
  • Some experience with security tools such as intrusion detection, log analysis, and network scanning.
  • Highly proficient in design and analysis of algorithms, data structures and object-oriented design


  • B.S./M.S. in Computer Science

Employment for Tsunami ARVR

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