Graphics Software Engineer at Tsunami XR

Tsunami is looking for a talented Software Engineer for an exciting role on our Software Graphics team. You will work with the most advanced current and future generations of graphics hardware and software. You will be part of the team whose mission is to innovate the graphics pipeline for 3D objects and graphics frameworks. This is a great opportunity to learn and make an impact on the industry, while working alongside some of the top minds in graphics software.


  • Architect and build features for 3D engine and tools that will power graphically-rich industrial objects
  • Develop architectural frameworks to reduce development for 3D graphic objects
  • Analyze and improve existing graphics and rendering systems and infrastructure
  • C++/CUDA programming to implement advanced rendering (both visibility and shading) and geometry processing
  • Implement features to extend the rendering capabilities of the core 3D Engine
  • Collaborate with designers on teams to identify and build technology that powers features required by our customers
  • Research and development of performance enhancement features and techniques
  • Work closely with artists and drive the development of tools that need to be built for a production-quality 3D art pipeline

Skills & Experience:

  • Real-time graphics/rendering experience
  • Strong GPU programming experience in CUDA is required
  • Advanced math skills and experience reading and understanding academic papers about graphics, data structures, and algorithms
  • Experience in Direct 3D, OpenGL and Vulcan


  • M.S./Ph.D. in Computer Science or Engineering with 7 years of experience in development of graphics rendering engine

Employment for Tsunami ARVR

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